New Product Will Support Apple Homekit Integration

I really like my UltraLoq lock but having HomeKit integration would be absolutely fantastic. I initially bought a different lock because I wanted integration with HomeKit but decided I liked the physical features of UltraLoq more. I would be thrilled if you announced HomeKit support!

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Please add HomeKit support to existing locks. These are not inexpensive and I am moving everything to HomeKit.

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I would really love love this functionality

@Frank any updates on the HomeKit beta you referenced in your previous comment as this is still a feature that many want and is the only reason I continue to tell friends and family to NOT buy Ultraloq

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Homekit model is already in dev process, will coming within the next year for sure. There will other major updates as well.

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@Frank - HomeKit is still a year out? Is there any possibility of adding Siri shortcuts in the interim? I have a months old feature request for this here: Add Siri Shortcut Support for Locks

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Yes! This would be very necessary and would add even more great features to your locks for all potential customers.

@Frank A new HomeKit model? So, is it fair to assume there will not be HomeKit functionality added for current models?

@Frank will homekit support come to existing devices? What I’m really looking for is Siri shortcut support so I can centralize my home automation. Even LiveKey integration would help. Unfortunately I may need to switch locks if broader support does not become available, but I’d rather not because I really like the hardware.

Has there been any updates to HomeKit delivery timeline?? I’ve seen a couple questions in this thread that have gone unanswered –

If/when HomeKit is delivered, will it be a software updated to existing product owners? Or will an entirely new purchase be required?

With a HomeKit compatible product, there should be no need for a bridge, correct?

@Frank its been about 6 months, any idea on timeline to releasing a HomeKit compatible device. You said they were in the dev process in December 22’ expecting news within the year

Can you confirm whether Homekit support will be available for all Wifi models?

Yes, it’s available for wifi.It possibly takes three months to release.


It possibly takes three months to release. Beta test process is planned to launch in the next month.


Looking forward to hearing more in the hopefully very near future.

Can you help to advise how can I join the Bate programming for this function, thanks

We will send the beta recruitment information through u-tec community and email, maybe still need 2~4 weeks to launch the program.


Yep, Apple HomeKit integration is the missing feature.
Waiting to join the Beta…

Hello, how do I make sure I join the beta or to make sure I am notified when it opens?

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Same, how do we join the beta??

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