New Latch 5 Locked/Unlocked mode

I ordered the UltraLOQ Latch 5 fingerprint to replace some old Ultraloq Levers. I want to get my door locks at work to be on the Air platform for ease of management. However, these Latch 5 locks do not have the button in the back to switch from Normal to Passage mode like the Lever does. This is a must for my business as I do not want to give employees admin privileges on the locks but still want them to be able to unlock the door for the entire day then lock it at night when they leave. I see you do not sell the Lever on your website anymore. What options do you plan to give businesses to fulfill this need of unlocking and locking with the ability to use with the Air platform? It feels like a large oversight on your part to remove this feature from your door handle locks. My doors do not have holes for deadbolts, or I would switch all my doors to the U-Bolt pro Wi-Fi and turn auto-lock off. Having a dead bolt may violate some fire safety laws in some business settings as the door would not open while bolted from the inside.

What options do you have coming? I think the easiest fix would be to have a new Lock Mode that is not Normal or Passage but a mode that once locked it stays locked or once unlocked it stays unlocked (like a conventional keyed lock). Is that a possibility for a firmware update?