Latch 5 - Cannot Disable Autolock

I purchased a Latch 5 for the door between garage and house, after loving the U-Bolt previously installed at front door. Unfortunately the latch 5 has autolock which cannot be disabled, which is very surprising and disappointing. The lock is currently set full passive mode to avoid having to unlock the door over and over. Is there a workaround for this? And/or will this function be included in future firmware updates?
It’s a show stopper for us, we’ll probably remove and scrap the lock if there is no workaround or hope for future. Unfortunately we destroyed the packaging before realizing the key feature is not there.
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@Scott10 Auto lock can’t be turned off in the app for lever locks, including Ultraloq Latch 5 Series, Ultraloq UL3 Series, Lever, UL1, and UL300. To disable this feature, you need to switch to passage mode in the app by accessing the settings and selecting lock mode followed by passage. How to Set Up Ultraloq Smart Lock Passage/Lockout Mode?

Unlike deadbolt locks, the lever lock’s latch will always stay locked even if the lock is changed to passage mode or within the setup time of the auto lock. To open the door, simply push down on the handle. Please click here to find more information you need for Auto Lock function. How to Set Up Auto Lock for Ultraloq U-Bolt Series?

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When in passage mode, how can the door be locked without an administrator switching it back to ‘normal’?
Are there any code sequences or handle maneuvers?