Lever is in Passage Mode - door will not open

I have 13 Lever Ultraloq Smart Locks. All have had issues. They are intermittent in operation.
Many times they will simply fail to open the door.
We put the code into the lock and see the green LED’s light up and the door unlocks - we hear it do this. However, the door fails to open. We can put the lock in Passage Mode and the door will not open.

Ultraloq support cannot tell us why this happens.
If we or Ultraloq could define what the problem is we or they could work on a solution to this problem. They don’t seem to care.

Does anyone have any ideas to help me ?

Surprisingly, the locks will start working again without issues for a few months - then it happens again.

Currently I have one door leading into our basement where our utilities are located and the door will not open. There is no other way to access the basement. This is a big issue in an apartment house.

The door will open with the Ultraloq KEY.

Help Please Help.

Hi Van,

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. This is not what we want our customers to experience.

A ticket has been created for this issue. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply.

Thanks for your understanding.

Experienced similar issues where lock would not open even with a 5V external battery pack from the outside. Here are some fixes that we applied.

  1. Don’t trust the batteries even with a new unit. Our batteries failed from a new unit only 3 months old. If you start hearing the three beeps, change the batteries immediately.

  2. Make sure the firmware is up to date! One time our unit stopped working and saw that a firmware was available. However we needed to reset the unit and start over again as if a new unit. The firmware updated and fixed the problem.

  3. The battery compartment / cover is very easy to open to change the batteries. However one time the wind slammed the door shut and we could not open with the code. After gaining entry with the key, we found that one of the batteries dislodged slightly in the battery pack. We reset the batteries and everything was back to normal. The batteries and cover should be made to be more secure.

  4. We never had the issue where the code would open but the dead bolt did not extract? But some have experienced where the dead bolt would not open because of even a slight interference with the dead bolt and the hole. Is the door too tight and the dead bolt is not moving freely in the hole.

  5. Customer service did work with me on some of the issues. However only via email and their responses would always be the next day. I could not reach them via phone. When the lock works, it works great! But when it doesn’t, then it has no value for all of its features that I bought it for. As a rental, if we can’t control it remotely, it has not more value then a boat anchor.

Remember to always have a key available from the outside! There is even a warning inside the battery cover that states this. We did not and had to hire a locksmith to pick…and…he had a very difficult time to pick it because of it’s good construction. Good Luck

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You said the lights come on, so it’s not a battery or power issue.
I did have a lock fail due to a mechanical part inside that broke.
Customer support helped me and sent a replacement for the unit.

Back again - same issue but now it is for my basement lock that only has one door for entry. I cannot access my basement at all. Door in passage mode - will not open.
I can access the lock via cellphone app and I can hear it lock and unlock when I tell it to. However, it will not open. I can enter the codes and all says the lock is open but it will not open. I have attempted to move the lock and door by wiggling them. Nothing helps.

U-Tec really needs to re-design the Lever products - this is a mechanical issue with the locks. U-Tec support says it is electrical and that the warranty period is over. However, they have a lifetime warranty for mechanical hardware issues - But they insist it is electrical because they don’t want to warrant the product. I am very disappointed in U-Tec.