Nearly there. Almost the perfect lock

With 2 locks, front and back , and almost 4 months now I can honestly say things have improved. Both locks seem to be accessible via internet fairly reliably now.
Using Google home with the locks has it’s moments however overall not too bad.
The one thing that does disappoint at times is the auto unlock. Such a great feature but oh so hit and miss. Which, I don’t really understand?
As it seems to rely on, to the best of my understanding, the fact that you become close enough for Bluetooth connectivity to detect your presence and open the door why would this not be reliable.
It isn’t.
I mean at times it appears to work quite well albeit the door can unlock at any distance which is not the same all the time. Issue is sometimes it fails to see your mobile, the Bluetooth connection, at all.
This is even though you get a notification that states it knows you’re home.
I don’t get it?
Bottom line is things have changed since December and functionally seems to be getting better…I hope that trend continues because there’s still quite a way to go.
When the Ultraloq works there’s no other better lock on the market. Just need that to happen more consistently. :wink:


I have the same problem with the Auto Unlock. I don’t understand why they don’t fix it. It should be such a simple thing. My 6 in 1 lock is really 5 in 1.


I’m sure everyone has an issue with auto unlock, which is “there isn’t one”.

It was one of the main reasons why I bought this lock, false advertising? At this point many years after the initial releases I would say yes.

U-rech… please remove auto unlock from your advertising or fix it, it’s not rocket science.

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I too brought this lock because auto unlock was a festure I wanted and it is so heavily advertised as a festure.

Never worked so had to disable it. They really need to fix this.

Native Auto unlock is unreliable. If you really want this setup Free IFTTT account creat applet to unlock door from http websocket. Then install Macrodroid from app store and create a macro that will trigger the IFTTT unlock on any criteria you could imagine. iPhone users probably out of luck.