My Ultraloq smart wont open my door

Yesterday I had to call locksmith because my smartlock wont open my door and I left my keys inside so I got stuck outside… This problem stared after the update. Battery is “high”, sounds a “beep” but motor dont respond. I tried with passcode, fingerprints etc, and nothing.

Not sure if this helps but happened to me once or twice, so what happened was it was in normal mode so it’s locked right? But somehow everything doesn’t make it unlock…

I tried using the application to change it into passage, then wait for a few more seconds then change it to normal again and wait for few secs…then try passcode / application to unlock then it’d work. Let’s hope this won’t happen again but worth giving it a try and hide a key somewhere else to avoid the pay to locksmith, they are so expensive :frowning:

@Mederos We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you. A ticket has been created for this issue and our colleague will reply to you in detail. Please check your e-mail later. Thanks for your understanding.