Locks should announce status updates

Currently the locks are both polled by the app and polled by the cloud if it’s being used for status updates such as being locked, unlocked, battery etc.

This is very inefficient. Especially for the app when using Bluetooth, the locks should announce their status updates just as YALE locks do in addition to being capable of being polled. This would also make receiving updates significantly faster and reduce battery drain on the locks.

The junk locked me out and i did not have my key… two little hits with a hammer and it fell apart… not so much protection. Guys

This is not related to the feature request.

And, as an added benefit, would greatly improve AutoUnlock reliability. Based on my own experience and that of others in this community, these locks have a problem communicating over both WiFi and BT channels simultaneously. They also can’t communicate with more than one device over the BT channel.

The actual command for opening the lock automatically appears to be over the BT channel, so if the lock is being polled or otherwise communicating, the autounlock signal from the phone doesn’t get through.

For those of us with a BT lock and a bridge this is easy to prove - if we unplug the bridge, autounlock works flawlessly.