I just learned we can send private messages for our back and forth

On my app, under settings, after Firmware, there is a “Bridge” line item. The line reads “paired” and when I click on it I see, among other items, the WiFi and “BLE” signal strength as “Good”.

Since you do not have a bridge I do not know where you would see if you were BT paired or see the >strength< of the WiFi and Bluetooth signals (not just that you have up-to-date firmware installed).

Certainly you should poke around all the settings to see if you can find something.

BTW, I’m an engineer (retired) so solving the flakey AutoLock issue is partly my amusement.

Auto lock has worked exactly zero times for me. I do occasionally get the message (push) that I have arrived back in the area. Sometimes I also get a push that says I left the area. All of these (when they intermittently happen) are correct. Never has the lock unlocked. I’ve even stood in front of the lock with my phone out for 30 seconds. Zilch