Lock keeps losing Internet connection (FiOS)

The lock recently keeps dropping the Internet connection. I have FiOS Gig service, the router is within 10-15 feet from the lock. Any help would be appreciated

My recommendation is to turn off your 5 GHz band on your router. The lock seems to not handle dual band routers and keeps dropping out. I had this issue and that fixed mine UNTIL a power outage a few days ago. And even with the 2.4 GHz band on it fails to reconnect. So in this case you need to reconnect by physically being present with the lock using Bluetooth. (Difficult to do when the lock is two hours away at our beach house. )

I’m told by support to update the locks firmware. Also requires me to be physically present with the lock…

Hope this helps.

@paul4 Please check your updated request #188882 when you have a chance.