Anyone know how to keep WiFi connected?

I know this a known issue but anyone figure out how to keep the lock from disconnecting from WiFi?

@Julia, Please check your updated ticket #176977 when you have a chance.

I am also having the same issue. Any solutions?

It might help if you make sure your WiFi network always has some bandwidth to handle the lock wifi communication (both upstream and downstream.) Use some “WiFi Analyzer” app/sw to find and set a best channel for your WiFi router. Check your speed/bandwidth of your internet ( Internet Speed Test – AT&T Official Site ) to see what your actual speed. Then you can to use the QoS (short for Quality of Service) setup on the router (yes, an additional WiFi router) which you connect all other network devices to; then connect this router to the main router/modem. With such setup, connect your lock WiFi to the main router/modem ; it would have more chance to stay connected. My AT&T internet speed is just about 350 Mbps connecting directly to its modem+wifi AP (BGW210-700); so I set QoS on my Netgear router, which all the PCs, TVs, etc. connected to, to just 200 Mbps.

Same issue with me. Whenever modem is rebooted connection is lost. I then have to supply the password again thru the U-Tec app’s Wifi settings. It remembers the wifi SSID but not the password. So this leads me to conclude U-tec has done this as an anti-hack safety protocol.

I tried assigning a fixed IP in my modem’s settings with the Uktraloq’s MAC address but no joy.

Make sure you u-tec is set up on 2.4ghz. to accomplish this you need to login to your router and separate 5G from 2.4. Then connect devices to 2.4. once this is done your utec will not drop off the wifi system.

Mine is already set for 2.4 so that’s not the issue.

I am having the same problem. This is my second lock and it was fine for awhile and now it’s doing the same thing. It connects to wifi and then a couple seconds later disconnects.