Latch NFC only allow "Admin Users" to add NFC access on a phone?

I was only able to add phone NFC access to the door for 2 users that were given Admin profiles…other Regular users only have the ability to add NFC access via a “Card”. I don’t want to give them a card…I want them to be able to access the NFC door…with the NFC tag on the user’s phone.

Regular user temporarily can not have access to user management, hence not being able to add Phone NFC. It will be upgraded within the next few months.

It’s mid May now, any update on this?
Are you still supporting the UL1 combo? It hasn’t gotten an update in awhile or the bridge. UL1 needs a firmware update for better fingerprint recognition & the app still has no option to be notified of failed attempts & there is no notification of low battery or at least I’ve never gotten it & I got my UL1 combo via your indiegogo.
Still think I was sent a used or pre-production UL1 combo since it was a little scratched up and the cover on the bolt is not flush & /or misaligned(did contact you guys about this when I originally got it but never got a response), hade the UL1 fail once where the lever on the outside would not engage when UL1 was unlocked, luckily someone was home so we where able to get in(fixed now via your instructions), haven’t tried the bolt since I didn’t know a door could be cut/made wrong (no space between window & jam to fit the bolt).