Is adding phone NFC for a user done from user or admin phone? How?

I’ve added a user to my latch 5 nfc smart lever lock. NFC works with my (admin) phone, but I do not see a way on either my admin phone or the users phone to add nfc unlock capability for that user, only keycard. The users phone does indeed have nfc capability and checking the settings on the users phone for NFC there has u-tec as an option and it is selected. the choices for this “normal user” are passcode, keycard, and app access, no phone nfc as if I recall correctly, was one of the choices for my admin phone.
please advise…

I haven’t tried it but I thought the instructions said only admin account can use phone NFC.

That is apparently true, hopefully non admin NFC will be added in a future firmware update.

@tom11 Please let us know if you still need any help on your request #182700