Latch 5 NFC: Using Mobile Device Wallet As Keycard/NFC on Android Device When Using ULTRALOQ Air to Manage Lock

I don’t understand why NFC cannot be utilized on an Android device when the Latch 5 NFC device is being managed by ULTRALOQ Air. Please make this option available under ULTRALOQ Air.

Hi Blondes, are you the shared air user? Please confirm that the administrator has turned the “App Access” on, and then you should have the accessibility.

I am the admin
Yes, App Access is turned on for me
I am able to use the Utec App on Android to operate the Latch 5 NFC locks

I am unable to load my Keycard into a wallet (Google Wallet or Samsung Pay) on my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

My goal is to not have to carry the Keycard or open the app but simply place my phone on the keypad to open the lock.

Seems like this can be done if not using Ultraloq Air to manage the locks.



I’m trying to do the same thing, any update on this?

I was told to make it a feature request