Keep your pushbuttons -- don't drink the touchscreen Kool-Aid!

Basically, I want to thank you for offering a web-connected lock with old-school pushbuttons! Please don’t ever change–It’s why I chose you, and why I’m buying and deploying your products by the dozen!

Background: I am a property manager of 85 AirBnB units. I found U-Bolt locks after an exhaustive search for a web-connected deadbolt that was NOT a touchscreen. We have tried touchscreen locks, and the feedback from our guests was universally bad:
–Touchscreens have to be touched to wake up before inputs register, which often results in multiple attempts before unlocking.
–Without physical buttons, the screen offers no tactile feedback, so it is hard to tell if an input has registered.
–Touchscreens are hard to see in bright sunlight.
–Touchscreen sensitivity degrades (or is hyper-sensitized) by things like lotion or sunblock, which also makes the screen feel greasy and shows dirty fingerprints.

In summary, touchscreen locks are generally a cause of frustration, requiring multiple unlock attempts. But pushbutton U-bolts offer tactile feedback and unlock on the first try.

Another design feature that is very important to me as a property manager is your Schlage keyway, which lets me easily duplicate keys and replace cylinders. THANK YOU!!


P.S. Please consider offering a pushbutton lever-handle lock. I would buy dozens of those as well!! (I won’t be buying your current lever locks due to their touchscreens.)