Improve Task Queue & Background Processing

These tweaks could vastly improve the UX without changing the UI.

Lazy-load User Details - When loading users, there’s a long delay between selecting a user and the ability to interact with them. I believe this is likely communicating/loading all remotely-stored properties. What’s curious is that all details are already hidden behind an edit toggle, there’s really no need to pull all of this information until/unless a specific field is accessed directly. The fact that this loading event blocks access to the Disable and Delete actions is nonsensical. As an AirBnB host, I often create and delete users in groups – say everyone visiting in the next week, or month. And when I do that, I want to clear out the old users. This is a real chore when every interaction is met with a loading screen for details I don’t need.

Save Asynchronously - When modifying any aspect of a user, the whole app is held hostage while the information is communicated. The result feels very sluggish. I would suggest placing change requests into a queue and letting them process without blocking the app from returning to other screens and performing other actions.