Realized the new UI / application update actually slows down the application?

I wonder if it’s the to you guys…not long ago the application got updated and UI changed.
Before the UI get changed, I can click on application then it goes to the hardware selection directly (or so it seems directly) so I can choose my lock then unlock it manually as needed.

But now with the new UI, after click on the application there’s this loading screen which takes awhile THEN I can see my hardware selection and select my lock to unlock. This really slows down the unlocking process when needed that someone has been standing at the door for awhile. Sometimes even select the lock, it’ll take awhile for the lock status screen to load too before I can click it to unlock.

Wonder if anyone else has this kind of issue too with the new UI / software upgrade?

@ET1 We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience caused for you. Our R&D will release a new version of U home App soon and it will give a better performance. Much appreciated for your understanding.