Frayed Wires on Lock

I will be submitting a ticket which hopefully is covered under warranty but thought I’d post here to let others be aware in troubleshooting issues.

I have the U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave and installed it a year ago. I never use the door that it’s on but wanted it for guest access as needed. This September (2023) to mid-Oct, it was used frequently for my pet sitter and it worked wonderfully. I then didn’t need it again as my situation changed but I noticed notifications from my SmartThings hub that it was disconnecting and reconnecting. I changed the batteries and it would work once, without exaggerating, and then stop working. Couldn’t connect in the app via BlueTooth, nothing. Sometimes the light on the inside would light up slightly but then go out. I pulled off the lock in prep for an RMA to find the wires inside have been frayed which explains the dimming light and the problems staying connected.

Thanks for posting… Having installed 3 locks I’ve noticed that U-tec has been trying different solutions for keeping the wire safe, indicating they know they have a problem. My fingers are crossed for the locks I’ve installed.

@ScottT Your request #185689 is marked as solved. May I know if you still need any further help?