Firmware update 02.26.0021

After initial multiple WiFi and various other issues, constant factory resets, and returning 2 or 3 locks I finally got things straightened out and I have been running smoothly for several months.

Now you release an “update” that completely breaks my device. I cannot even lock the door with the physical lock button, I have to use the app. There is also no sound when powering up after replacing the batteries.

I have deleted cache and data storage, logged in and out, and removed and replaced the batteries. I have not yet factory reset. I am requesting that my lock be reverted to the previous firmware.

I love the concept and the physical design of the product but after all the problems I have had I could never recommend your product.

BTW after over a year your phone still does not work properly. I still constantly get "cannot reach this number from your area code (US 401). I now have a new phone with a different version of Android and still have this issue.

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