Fingerprint function fails in less than 2 years

Request new featureFirst, I want to say I really like the lock and its functionality but very disappointed that in 2 years (or less) it’s failing. I visited the U-tec blog pages and I see lots of people are having the same issue where the fingerprint function stops working in a relatively short period of time. I find myself in a situation where I’m not confident in spending another few hundred dollars on another U-tec product that may have the same functional flaw. Support can’t help because it’s off warranty after only 2 years. Going forward I will start looking for a more reliable product from another manufacturer and feel obligated to post a review on Amazon and your blog page relaying my experiences with this product.

I feel the same way you do. I purchased my U-Bolt Pro the summer of 2019. When I first installed it the fingerprint sensor would register fingerprints for a user. But when actually in use it wouldn’t respond. After many hours of trying to figure out what I did wrong via re-installing, resetting app and firmware, etc. I contacted customer support. They sent my a new exterior unit which immediately worked. Three years later and this unit is doing the exact same thing. It suddenly stopped responding to any touches except for during the user registration process. I’m out of warranty. Customer support only offered a 30% discount on another unit. Why would I? Buyer beware.