Deadbolt not extending fully and burning through batteries

After the recent updates, my lock’s bolt won’t extend fully, and then it won’t retract at all. I place my thumb on the sensor, and the ring light flashes green and get 2 quick beeps, but nothing else happens. The inside lock-in mechanism only turns about 30 degrees. This is after I’ve put a brand new set of batteries in the unit - which I tested with a battery tester before inserting.

Do I always test my batteries beforehand? Nope, but I replaced the original batteries about a week ago, when the unit stopped working. I’ve had the unit nearly 3 years with the original batteries. Last night, when going out, the unit wouldn’t lock. After getting nowhere, I replaced the batteries again, locked my door, and went off. About 3 hours later, I came back, and the unit wouldn’t open the door. Finally, I went to a different door, for which I had a key.

This morning, when I started checking, the unit did not respond at all, to the app or the buttons.

I do have a bridge v02.50.0503
Lock firmware 01.50.0020
iOS v16.2 app v2.0.6

Just leaving home, and felt that the unit was hot, so I took the batteries out.
Luckily, I remembered where I put the keys.

@Calvert Our service team had replied to you via the ticket(#121034), please check.

Thanks for the quick assist! :slight_smile: