Customer service

Complaining about your customer service. I have two pro locks with separate bridge. One bridge failed sometime around 16 months or so. I placed a call and someone worked with me (thanks to him!) for a long time to no avail though-bridge has failed. I’m now told the bridge lasted as long as it was intended but heres a 30% off coupon to buy another one! That bridge cant cost more than 1 dollar and should certainly last longer than it did. Why would I buy another of your products with service responses like that. Shame on yall. To anyone looking at these, they work well until they dont, then you are on your own. Makes no sense to purchase a high end lock like this to only have to replace within 2 years! Bummer because I like them and intended to purchase others

@Campbell3 We sincerely apologize for all these inconvenience caused for you. We have replied to your ticket in details. Please check your e-mail. Thanks for your understanding.