Bridge Frustrations - terrible customer service

A few weeks ago 1 of my 2 bridges stopped working. I spoke to customer services who eventually said I need a new bridge but that “ I cannot ensure that it will be compatible with your existing lock”. It’s a normal ultraloq lock - nothing special about it at all.

So Uteq are happy to make me buy a new bridge and take on all the risk that it might just not work at all because they can’t be bothered to test their own products with their own product. Absolutely shocking response.

Since then, my other bridge has just packed up as well. Orange green flashing light same as the other one. No ability to reset it.

I’m convinced this was the fault of a rolling update somewhere and I am terrified that utec don’t know if the new bridges work on their locks.

Exactly same problem I had. I have lost all confidence in this company and will not be recommending them to anyone anymore. There equipment seems to all fail at the same time. This is beyond planned obsolescence, it’s like they’re programming them to fail.