Customer service number 844-HEY-UTEC doesn't work

Anyone able to reach customer service with the 844 number? I’m calling on a Monday morning during business hours (PST) from the US, but it just beeps, never connects or rings, as if it isn’t a good number. Dialing 844-439-8832.

Hi @Smith11 this is Christal from U-tec. We just called you and left a voice message. Please feel free to call us back at 844-439-8832. Our business time is 7 am to 6pm PST.
Sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.

I’ve tried calling numerous times and it still doesn’t work.

@Quiles One of our agent just reached you. Please feel free to get back to us in the ticket. So we could send you the replacement ASAP.

I also called and it just bumped me to leave a voice message. Can any of your CS rep call me back? Thanks!

Hi Mendoza,

This is Christal from U-tec. We did called you back today and yesterday. Seems like you missed our calls. Please feel free to get back to us if you still need help.

When I call I get a message “sorry the number you dialed cannot be reached from your calling area”. I finally blocked the caller ID and got through. I have had to call many times because of all the problems I have had and I am on my 3rd lock but is not through any fault on my part and has been a big inconvenience costing me hours. I feel like I have been singled out.
I tried to submit a ticket through the website about the WIFI issue I was having with not being able to remote connect. I hit the submit button and it seemed to go through but I never even received the bot email that my ticket was submitted. At this point I am very angry with U-Tec.