Crucial app update

I found this from U-Tec in my spam folder:

Dear Customer,

Next week, we will be releasing a crucial update for the U home app. This update is essential to enhance the security, stability, and overall performance of our product.
To ensure your app continues to function optimally and to receive future updates, it is imperative that all users install this update. Upon receiving the in-app notification next week, please update your app immediately.

Your prompt action is vital for maintaining the best service experience. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

It’s a little disconcerting that this email doesn’t mention why this update is so crucial that a separate email blast to all users was deemed necessary. Is there a security incident?

I really would NOT want them to explain the issue to everyone prior to the fix being implemented. As I wouldn’t want bad actors to know exactly how to hack things etc. Now, if the explanation didn’t create its own security issue then sure, I’d like to know first. But either way, I would hope there would be more details after the fix is implemented.

I don’t think the update was even released this week!

Hopefully, this new update has been beta-tested with plenty of customers, and then gradually rolled out to avoid major issues.