Cant access app remotely

I’ve had the U-Bolt Wifi lcok installed about 2 weeks. I can access the app fine locally when connected to Bluetooth but once I leave and try to access it remotely it just spins saying connecting. When i try to click the log it says connection timed out and the settings have the options spinning as well. Every so often if I wait long enough I will be able to connect but it is rare.
The lock works great except for access it remotely which is the main reason i need it for. I have done all the trouble shooting such as rebooting the router, making sure the lock is only connected to 2.4ghz wifi on the router, changing the batteries etc…
When connected locally the wifi status status says it has a good connection so I’m not sure what is going on. Also for the first time yesterday my lock automatically locked and I have auto lock turned off which is very concerning.
I’m hoping there is something that can fix it on tech. support end as i have tried everything in these 2 weeks with nothing working. I have until the end of January to return but hoping it can be resolved or maybe i need a replacement lock sent.
Please help!!