Cannot enter address in address location

I cannot manually enter address in Address location - greyed out

@Seibel1 We temporarily disabled the address edit feature, but you can still move the map to change the address.
The edit address feature may be back in the future.

I cannot believe I actually have to write this - and sorry to be sarcastic - but if the option has been disabled, the message should also reflect that. This is pretty basic and when I see something this sloppy what is sloppy that I don’t see? It really relfects a lack of quality.

Instead of saying “Position the marker on the map or enter an address” it should simply say “Position the marker on the map”

I love the lock - it looks good, fingerprint, etc. but this sort of a “glitch” is very bad.

I live on the 4th floor of a condo and I would love to be able to enter my address rather than position the cursor.