When will we be able to select locations/addresses on the map in the android app?

Stuck w default location, and one location per account, because even in the middle of a major US city, the pin never populates the address field, no matter where I drag it, not allowed to write the address ourselves, and “Address cannot be empty”, so completely unusable. The app of course has location permission, and pinpoints my actual location.

@J112 We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you.

We have replied via your previous ticket, please check your e-mail.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please reply on the forum, so that EVERYONE who has this issue can see steps they should take to resolve this. You can delete this thread after you fix the problem in the software that causes it, but until then, people should be able to search (google/bing/etc) and get answers to their problems!