Auto Unlock issues

I have the same issues. I just bought this model because of all the options and especially Auto Unlock. Please UTec fix this ASAP. you can’t advertise a function that obviously doesn’t work for EVERYONE

Installed mine 2 days ago (2/22/2023) and the auto unlock hasn’t worked once. Extremely disappointed as this was the selling point for me.

Same here. Installed mine today and i get all the away and back notifications on my phone but the lock does t actually unlock. I have tried un-enabling auto lock and enabling it again but all that happens is i get the notifications when lesving and arriving but not lock actually unlocking.

Super frustrating.

Has anyone solved the auto unlock issue? Mine only works half the time. I did notice that on the utec app the bluetooth icon only stays on for at most 40 seconds and is replaced by the wifi icon and that on my iphone in settings/bluetooth the ubolt connection only lasts for 40 seconds and then it will not reconnect. I think it helps to not have any other bluetooth devices connected. To me it appears to be a timed out issue related to Sniff and Park modes in blue tooth technology. Has anyone had feed back from the manufacturer?

I’m happy to report that the issue has been resolved on my phone for months now. I’m currently on V of the U-tec app for Android. I connect to my car’s Bluetooth when driving and by the time I come home and walk up to the front door, it’s unlocked. Make sure you have the latest app version and reconfigure the Auto Unlock settings if necessary. It went from working about 10% of the time to now 99% of the time.

Thanks Mang: Could you try something. Next time you go into Away zone, when you return into Back Zone and get the notification could you wait at least 40 seconds far enough away that the Bluetooth/unlock does not connect. (75 Yds) After 40 seconds approach the lock and see if it still connects and lock opens. It is my contention that once you get notification that you only have 40 seconds to get to the lock or the connection times out. Done some reading online and this has to do with Sniff/ Hold/ Park modes that are part of Bluetooth electronics.

thanks. Robert

I tried this the other day and waited a full minute before approaching the door. By the time I reached the door, it was already unlocked.

Thanks. Not sure what the problem is now. Lock no longer opening. Not alone with this problem. I think it must some how be related to Bluetooth connection. Robert

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Same issue here … with two lock!

Very desapointed of UTek

Increase the the re-locking time in settings and auto lock to immediate. This will fix the auto unlocking issue.