Z-Wave Won't Connect to Hub

Trying to connect my 4 zwave pro plus locks to my Vivint smart home touch panel. I follow the steps in the app, which does allow the locks to be detected by the hub, however, the locks time out during connection with an error that the “user codes must be unique strings” which they all are. No codes are the same on any of the 4 locks. The weird part is that the lock then shows up on my vivint hub, however, the lock can be unlocked by my vivint hub but the status doesnt show up correctly on the hub. Once it unlocks, the app thinks and then goes back to showing the lock status as locked even though its unlocked.

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I Have The Same Vivint & Lock Set-Up. I Also Get The Wrong Status About The Locks, on the Hud & App!?!?!?

Do you have multiple users setup on yours? I do. Im thinking of deleting all the users but mine and trying again.