U-Bolt Pro with Z wave using Z Wave and Wifi at same time

I searched but could not find this specific question being answered.
Can the Zwave version of the lock use the WIFI Bridge at the same time with the Zwave connection?

It comes with the bridge in the box and when I researched before ordering it I got the impression the lock could connect to the zwave hub and use the WIFI bridge at the same time. Z wave for remote lock and unlock since it cannot do much more than that. WIFI bridge for remote management, if you will, to add a guest user and update someone else’s code and what not when away from the lock.

When I connect the WIFI bridge the Zwave part basically goes offline and remove the bridge connection and the Zwave comes back online after a few minutes, needs to reset I guess. I had a version of the lock that only used the WIFI Bridge but the finger print reader stopped working in early January. (Forced to stop or it broke?). I like the feature on the WIFI version where you know who unlocked the door. Zwave you cannot see that info, but the remote access works much more reliably. This is why I got the Zwave version. I have a lot of Zwave based devices in my house currently.

Why does the lock come with the bridge if you cannot connect both on the lock? Seems like it should work but the firmware must be restricted then?

Thank you,

@Gabriel2 We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you. A ticket has been created for this issue, our colleague will reply to you in detail. Please check your e-mail later. Thanks for your understanding.