Bridge vs Z-wave hub

I mistakenly purchased the Z-wave version of the PRO model and didn’t realize until after it’s been installed onto my new door yesterday. I really hate to take if off to return it (Amazon), but also need to be able to access the lock (via app) remotely. The Ultralog Bridge is an option but it states “must be within 10 ft” is a problem, as the closest outlet to the door/lock is about 15 ft (there’s another one closer but not within line-of-sight. Assuming the bridge wouldn’t work for me, I’m now considering the more expensive option of a hub. Based on Google, the hub would work for me but I don’t understand how will the lock communicate with the hub … if the bridge needs to be within 10 ft. and within line of sight, wouldn’t it need the same requirement for a hub as well?

@Kwong1 . I would return the Z-wave version and get the wifi version or purchase the wifi bridge instead of buying a Z-wave hub. The Z-wave features are very basic (lock and unlock) and do not offer remote access to the full set of features using the U-tec app. You will only have access to the full features through Bluetooth when you are within proximity of the lock.

Personally I use both the zwave AND bridge. I can still have programmatic code updates for guests, and tell when the door is unlocked/locked.

I use the bridge/app for fingerprints. The auto lock magnets are really annoying and people snag them all the time. I’d rather handle auto-locking via zwave. That was you can enable or disable that feature in real time based on many variables.

Perhaps you place a button near the door to prevent auto lock for 30 minutes.

Another fun example is I automatically generate a random access code every day. Pave it on a dashboard, and also message in the morning. This way you never have to give your code at, in the event that you lose power etc.

Can’t do any of this with the app. I feel like it’s the best of both worlds. I’d like for the user list to match on both modules, and for some definite improvements to be made on the wave side, but for the most part it does what any other lock does.

Without proper sync, disabling a user requires extra steps. That’s why I just manage all the codes from zwave instead. Would be awesome when they fix that.

Very interesting @Scott4. As I just got my lock a month ago and have not experimented with it much, how do you generate and change a random access code? Is that through zwave or through the wifi bridge? Via Smartthings, I was able to auto-lock via zwave but there isn’t much else you can do. Do you use a different zwave hub / system? Perhaps you use a different hub that offers much more functionality through zwave.

Yes via z-wave. You can very much program the door codes. I’m personally using habitat but ST should work fine as well.