Best connection method - WiFi Bridge vs WiFi built-in vs Z-Wave

I’m looking to buy one of the locks and I’m wondering the advantages of the various connection options. What is the advantage/disadvantage of using the WiFi Bridge vs WiFi built-in vs Z-Wave? My network is a mesh network with plenty of bandwidth but I do have a fair amount (and growing) list of smart devices. Some use bridges or hubs and some are direct WiFi connections to the network.


I have a U-Bolt Pro with WiFi bridge adapter on my garage walk door, with the bridge plugged in right next to the door, and a U-Bolt Pro WiFi (wifi inside) on the front door. The front door goes through batteries faster, despite very little use, but has been pretty reliable as far as access within the app. The backdoor goes longer between battery changes, even with being locked/unlocked multiple times every day. But it can be really slow to connect in the app just to check status or issue a lock/unlock, and I often have to power cycle the adapter before the app will successfully connect to the lock to make and save user changes.

Thanks for the reply.

Makes total sense on battery usage. I figured I’d monitor it and consider rechargeable batteries or Li-Ion AAs.

Is the performance/connectivity issue inhibiting the lock usage? Are there issues with the fingerprints or keypad or just the bridge and remote connection? However, connectivity issues for remote would suck anyway and could defeat the use/purpose of a smart lock for me. Any chance the adapter issue is your WiFi itself? I’ve got a 3-node mesh network.

The lock itself works like it should. It will occasionally take a few tries with the fingerprint sensor, but it has never failed to unlock. Wet fingers are a problem obviously. I’ve never had a problem using codes. And the cylinder was easy enough to re-key to match all of my other locks.
I don’t use the app a whole lot, so it hasn’t been a huge issue. I really only use it to set up temporary access for dog walkers and service people, and then to check that they’ve locked up when they leave.
I don’t think it’s a wifi issue, or at least, it shouldn’t be. Signal strength at the location is strong. But I only have the one bridge unit, so it’s entirely possible I just got one that is buggy.

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Now you really have my attention.

How did you rekey or change the cylinder to match the existing lock? I had read it can’t or shouldn’t be done.


We own a motel, and I tested U-Bolt with a bridge and all worked well. But did not go all in on our 15 doors until they created the WiFi version. Having a block needing to be positioned close to the door was difficult, and with guests in rooms, we would have had to find a way for guests not to unplug the blocks. With the WiFi version, we purchased 15 deadbolts and have loved them. we go through a set of batteries about every six months, and we are good with that. We can lock/unlock/set codes from anywhere we have WiFi or internet connection on our iPhones or iPads. I’d stay away from blocks as it adds another componet that yoou need to worry about.

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Blocks meaning bridges? Yes, I definitely get the point of things getting inadvertently unplugged. I’ve got a few smart bulbs and needed to remind people to not throw the wall switch. Same issue with a smart plug I had on a lamp.

The bridge for the door would be in a spot where it is safe from losing power. The previous response did have a good point that WiFi draws more power than bridges and bluetooth.

The cost of batteries is minimal in the scheme of things. We see our batteries lasting 6+ months here at the motel for our 15 deadbolts. And no block is so much cleaner.

Good luck with your choice.

And it certainly makes sense for your application in a setting like that.


The Z-Wave stuff is pretty broken: Expand and fix Z-Wave capabilities

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Wow I am reading this and cannot believe the positive reviews. I am on my second unbolt pro WiFi and the WiFi connection is so unstable. Spins on the app and very often does not connect. The WIFI is terrible. Yes I am using 2.4 Ghz so that’s not the issue. I have a mesh network and I even put one of the WiFi routers right next to the lock. ( -22 db so very strong signal) and still the WiFi is unstable

I love the lock and all the features but the WiFi performance sucks so I’ll have to return

Pulomena, I find when that happens, I reset my phone and all is well. Happens a little more than I like, but not enough to be a problem. We also use a mesh network, but all our units are hard wired. needed for a lodging property.