Z-Wave will not connect

I am trying to connect my lock to my Z-wave hub. I select setup z-wave and the app says my lock should then have a blue light, but it never turns blue. It also will not connect to my z-wave hub. Any help?

Could you offer the hub brand and give us a sreenshot showing not connecting? Also, do you mean the front lock body wouldn’t turn blue?

Make sure you have a Z-wave Plus capable hub. Plus has the higher security needed.

I am using the Ring Base Station send generation. I’m pretty sure it should work… it just will not find the base station.
…or the base station will not find this lock. I should mention this base station works with all the other Z-wave accessories that are attached to it like the motion sensor and door sensors, so afaik the Base Station is fine.

I should have mentioned Z-Wave plus v2 to work. I thought Ring was a supported hub, but from this spec sheet, says v1 ?

At least on the Homeseer forum I am on, it required Z-wave v2 controller to work.

Could you offer a screenshot, thank you~

It just sits on that

So, yea, the front of the lock does turn blue and flashes when it gets on that screen. I then go to my Ring app and set up the lock as a Z-wave lock and scan the QR code on the back of the lock and the Ring App then gets stuck on this page

Obviously there are batteries in the lock. Oddly, when I get to this point, the lock stops flashing blue… but it doesn’t do anything.

So, I found this online, which tells me I should be able to pair to the base station but it absolutely will not work…

I’m out of ideas as to what to do next besides return it.