Utec app missing Z-Wave option

I want to connect my U-bolt door lock to my Vera z-wave hub/controller but I dont see the Z-wave option in the App.

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Z-Wave missing in my app also.

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I just installed my lock, and saw no z-wave option in the Android version of the app. I came here and saw these recent posts so I decided to uninstall the application and reinstall it. Now I see the z-wave option, so try to remove and reinstall the app.

Now I am having an issue getting the device to connect to my Home Assistant install, hopefully I can get that part working next.

Came here for the same issue. During install process Zwave nor external door sense never showed up as a step.

ok, this is a glaring error in the software and support. I was able to fix it, but only after 2 support interactions, and I had a return started, and was completely soured on U-tec/Ultraloq.

In the app, when setting up the lock, you have to choose “by category”, or it will never show you z-wave options in the app.

Here are the steps, after you’ve had this problem.

remove the lock from U-tec App

use the reset needle to reset the whole lock to its Factory Default Mode.

You also need to log out of your U-tec App Account** and then log back in.

After this, re-add the lock by adding through categories. (IMPORTANT)

When I did this, I was able to see Z-wave pairing.

External door sensor will never show up until U-tec gets its act together and completes the product. They bait-and-switched us with false advertising.

Thanks for these instructions, because I had the same issue, and your instructions resolved them.

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Yeah, it’s crazy they haven’t made it impossible to install the way we originally did, where it doesn’t show z-wave, the whole point of the smart lock.

Thank you so much for pointing out this, i will report it to the R&D Team.