Android U-tec app for ULTRALOQ shows zwave is unpaired, but it's paired

As stated, the U-tec app for Android shows that the Z-wave control for my lock is “unpaired”, but zwave is actually paired. I have the zwave controller (a Universal Devices IoX) controlling locking and unlocking.

I also went through pairing again on that menu, everything was (already) paired, but when I go back to the settings screen for the lock, the app still shows “unpaired”.

Should I just ignore the U-tec app’s error in this instance?

Are there any functions that are not working? You welcome to contact us at 1844 HEY UTEC during business hours and through a ticket at Thank you.


Thank you. I can’t tell right now. I thought everything was working fine, as I can go to my controller (a universal devices IoX controller) and lock and unlock the lock. I also have a program to shut the lock after 10 minutes, which I thought was working. However, I cannot query the lock and the lock did not shut after 10 minutes. In other words, I can cause the lock to open and shut using my IoX zwave controller, but the IoX does not seem to be getting status information.

Does the app on my Android phone have to say it is paired? It still says “unpaired”, but when I run the pairing process, it basically instantly pairs (because I think it actually is paired).

I am having the same issue with my locks connected to Home Assistant via Z-Wave. Z-Wave FW is 1.53 and this issue seemed to start after the Z-Wave Controller updated the FW at least for me

Lock Control from Z-Wave is Intermittent. When locking or unlocking from Home Assistant the lock will not always respond and when locking manually the lock will not always update Home Assistant.

For me, I updated the software in my controller (Universal devices IoX), and now everything seems to be working. I get status updates in the controller and also the programs I have to shut the lock after 10 minutes and the like are working.

The app still refuses to say it’s paired with zwave, but everything is working for now.

I happen to be working from home, and I plan to open the lock a few times today and over the weekend to ensure it shuts after 10 minutes. I’ll update sometime next week.