Integration with Ring System Z-wave

Purchased the z-wave version and have been very happy so far with the lock quality, look, and function. Ring was not directly stated as supported when I bought it, so I knew that it could be basic connection and it is: it shows lock state and you can lock/unlock remotely.
Wrote support and they said that they are working on it, but no timetable. Would be great if that had a roadmap of development. I’m debating about buying a wifi bridge, however, you need one for each lock, which seems short-sided - I know it makes them more money. I’d like to buy a second lock, but am not interested in buying two bridges, especially if better z-wave integration is coming, but how long will that be?

Again, really like this lock - had a Schlage version that went bad, and like this lock itself way better. Schlage had better z-wave integration, but the quality on this seems superior.