WiFi Extenders?

We have had intermittent issues with connectivity with our WiFi Ultra Loq U-Bolt deadbolt. It worked fine when set up, and for a short time after, until a firmware update earlier this year. Since then we have had to have our caretaker at our winter home (1800 miles away) where the lock is located remove and reinstall the batteries, essentially rebooting the lock, and then it seems to work for awhile. We also have had her replace the original U-Tec LiPo batteries once and alkaline ones twice. But even when she does this, it seems like it can take half a day before we get connectivity again. I am wondering if anyone else with the built in WiFi as opposed to the bridge has had this issue, and if they have tried using a wifi extender in close proximity to the lock, and if that might help. When I do have a connection the app says the wifi signal strength is good (usually between 55-65db), but the lock is probably about 25-30 ft from our router, so hoping this might give us more consistent connections. Any opinions??

Hi, our agent has replied to you in Trouble Ticket, please check the email.

Thanks for your Trouble Ticket reply Gilbert.
As you noted in your reply our firmware is not the latest, which is because we can not be near the lock at our winter home to connect with it via blue-tooth in case of problems with an update, until we are there next winter. However I would still be interested to hear from you or other users, if a wifi extender / booster would or has helped with connectivity issues for others having this issue.

@dkp891 Thank you for the feedback, we will consider improving this part in the future.

Hi Gilbert,
Thanks for your message, but you still have not answered my question of whether a wifi extender/booster has been an effective solution for customers who have had issues with connectivity. I won’t have access to my UltraLoq until we go to our winter home in December, but I am trying to determine if a wifi extender/booster may be something to try resolving our issue with when we get there.

If your router is only 25-30 feet away, it’s very unlikely to fix your problem by adding a WiFi extender as you likely already have strong WiFi signal as is. Do what you have to do when you can to update the firmware and see if you still have problems after that.

OK, thanks. That won’t be until mid December.