What is the new version of the app for both Android and IOS that was announced 7/8/24?

I received an email on July 8, 2024 saying I should update. I see neither an option to update from my Android device nor in the Google Play Store. The app on my device reports V3.2.0.

Did it update automatically? What is the most recent version? If V3.2.0 is not the latest, how should the latest be obtained?

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I have the exact same issue. I dont see the update or the red dot on my app and i have the same version as you on my android. I hope the company responds since the email seemed urgent.

I see in Google Play that the latest version now is
I’m still seeing 3.2.0 and have not seen a red dot or update notice

Screenshot_20240710_153700_U home
Screenshot_20240710_153655_U home
Screenshot_20240710_153627_Google Play Store


It’s done automatically on Android if set that way in Google Play