What do the beeps mean?

What do the beeps mean? I seem to randomly get 2-5 beeps when I lock or unlock. App says battery is strong so these aren’t low battery alerts.

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Based on my own testing, I believe these beeps are detecting that the door is moving, and they generally stop once the door movement slows or comes to a stop. I really want utec to update their firmware so that these beep sounds can be disabled since they are absolutely useless, and I don’t need the push button beeps either, but I do want the unit to beep only when the battery is low.

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@Travis2 @RoyN Here is an article for your reference: My lock is making a beeping noise. What does it mean?

For my lock I use the app, under settings is a “Lock sounds” and you can turn on or off the beeps.

This doesn’t address four beeps or five beeps, which I commonly hear.

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I am also getting 4 beeps each time the lock auto-locks. I cannot figure out what they mean. Any ideas?

Same here, my lock is useless at this point and need to keep the batteries out to prevent the beeping