Waterproof for lock

For deadbolt lock, the common place to install is front door, the exterior componet needs to be waterproof, just in case a rainy or stormy weather. This is what every smart lock is doing. But if in some cases, you need to install the lock on a open gate, like a yard front door, the interior parts will also has to be waterproof. Unfortunately it is not the case for all the smart locks i know.

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Hi Geenie,

Yes, you are correct. The Exterior Assembly of Ultraloq Smart Lock is waterproof, but the Interior Assembly is not waterproof at all due to the battery box.

I have to say the exterior of the lock is not waterproof at all. My wifi deadbolt is shitting itself due to rain intrusion into the battery casing. I’ve just had to go and rip the batteries out to stop it from beeping and locking/unlocking itself constantly.

I think you should look at providing some sort of protection for users who have the lock mounted on an external gate. What’s the point of having a smart lock if it is totally insecure when wet. With all the beeping and mechanical noise, it’s basically alerting anybody walking by that it’s malfunctioning.

It has also dropped settings such as wifi and door sensor… it even decided to change lock orientation direction so it then had a malfunction error come up too. Worst of all, this occurred whilst away on holiday and we had no one who could see what the hell was going on.