Ultraloq failures

Looking back, I made a huge mistake in purchasing 5 of these locks. I would have been much better off purchasing one for a trial period and then I would not be in the mess I am in with 5 of them, at a considerable expense.

All 5 locks have similar issues. Batteries drain quickly. Clutch failures. I have replaced the clutches on all locks and now they are failing again. I got one new lock under beta testing for an improved lock. It is no better than the previous ones. As a matter of fact the fingerprint sensor on the new lock has quit working.

I hate to walk away from such a huge investment, but it is beginning to look like I have no choice. My emails are no longer being answered and my locks are not working, again!

Totally agree! I bought four and regret it completely! It bites even more that the WiFi lock was a NYT wirecutter pick.