ULTRALOQ and U-tec Logo refreshed

ULTRALOQ and U-tec Logo refreshed

U-tec invents and manufactures ULTRALOQ Whole-Home smart lock system that delivers an exceptional access experience for ultimate flexibility, security and convenience.

Considering the enrichment of product types and the enhancement of brand influence, we are pleased to inform you that the ULTRALOQ and U-tec logo will both take on a new look.

Logotype changes, Less is more
U-tec and ULTRALOQ have decided to ‘flatten’ the logo design and remove strokes and lock shapes, for the sake of simplicity – and to look more iconic. And like most flattening logotypes, it would not go out of style quickly.

About ULTRALOQ logo

As shown above, there are two notable changes on ULTRALOQ. One is that the lock shape design of the original logo is modified, and the other is the white outlines are deleted.

Commenting on the ULTRALOQ logo refresh, Clark Ruan, VP of U-tec presented, “We refreshed logotype for enhanced visibility of the product logo, so as to engage the public more effectively. The first change implies we are not just locks. The second implies we will break boundaries. We started from building safety barriers - locks, but now we aim to make connections to find more possibilities based on our safety barriers.“

About U-tec logo, Not just locks
The U-tec new logo design idea starts from U-tec’s brand proposition of ‘setting new standard for smart home security with its best-in-class design and advanced technologies’. The overall design of U-tec new logo focuses on the “U”. The frame around it and the “tec” on the right, vividly conveying ‘technology surrounds your life’.

As for U-tec logo, Clark further stated: “the unclosed frame line around the “U” means that U-tec will continue adhering to the road of “smart home automation” and gradually create our own ecosystem depends on the latest technology.”

The refresh helps U-tec to create a versatile brand look and feel that aligns with our strategy of accelerating transition to the ecosystem of “platform + hardware + software + cloud service".

In addition to redesigning the logo, the U-tec app has been redesigned recently to offer even more intuitive help through its ease of use and a safer digital experience. The new user experience is underpinned by previous reviews and feedback.

Guidelines for the updated logo
The updated logo will come into effect on Nov 1st 2022. For consistency in terms of our corporate identity, please use the updated logo on all newly produced online materials, printed materials, and tangible items. We will continue to use the original logo on existing products until the renovation is required.

The logo changes, but our vision of building security and convenience for you will not change.