Ultraloq UL3: RealKeyless Lock Solves Real World Challenges

In Ultraloq UL3, we have promised to make something different - something that could solve real world challenges with U-tec’s unique and advanced technology.

Real world challenge #1: Annoying keys.

I forgot my keys and was locked out.

I lost my keys and paid locksmith $100 to replace my lock.

My bulky pant pockets poke me every time I sit down.

To be RealKeyless, we have pretty much covered everything. Ultraloq UL3 is designed for maximum flexibility and convenience. No more key losses. You are free to use fingerprint, code or key to unlock. Either simply touch your finger or enter your personal 4-8 digit codes via touchscreen. Enjoy RealKeyless life and you will not be locked out again!

Real world challenge #2: I have an AirBnB rent home owner. My renters lose keys and some never returns them. For security reason, I have to replace my locks and that costs me a lot $$$ every year. Key management is a headache!

With Ultraloq UL3, your AirBnB experience will never be better! You can enroll your renters’ fingers or issue them codes. Simply remove those fingers or codes when they leave. No more time and money wasted in replacing locks! Your guest will also be a happier customer with no burden of carrying key.

Real world challenge #3: The batteries of electronic locks die fast!

We build Ultraloq UL3 in the concept of low power consumption. Every electronic and mechanical component was selected carefully to make battery life longer. We did an innovation in clutch design which makes it more reliable but 50% less power consumption than traditional clutches. Only 3 AA batteries will last around 2 years under normal use. Low battery warning will pop up in LCD when battery is low. You will get extra peace of mind knowing that a key can be used if you forget to change batteries before they run out.

Real world challenge #4: Design is my first concern. All keyless locks look geeky and bulky.

Ultraloq UL3 has a low profile and clean design which helps the lock blend into the background. The fingerprint sensor and touchscreen will light up elegant when they sense your touch. Ultraloq UL3 offers a slim profile design that adds a touch of sleekness to any home.

Real world challenge #5: It’s too complicated to install and use keyless locks.

Convenience is our top priority in Ultraloq UL3. It’s battery operated and no wiring is required. In about 10 minutes, you can complete the DIY installation. When it comes to setup, Ultraloq UL3 gives you better experience than any other similar product in the market, thanks to a LCD with intuitive information, which will walk you through the whole process.

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