How Will Ultraloq UL3 RealKeyless Smart Lock Work For Your Home?

Extra RealKeyless Security & Protection Inside Your Home

Ultraloq UL3 offers an advanced fingerprint recognition technology and an internal locking mechanism that allows you to securely lock any room in your home. Never have to worry about key loss and stolen. Anti-peep Touchscreen feature ensures that nobody can steal your code even they are nearby when you enter. Ultraloq UL3 can be used to keep kids, pets and guests out of certain rooms in your home, such as weapon storage, home offices or workshops. It provides additional layers of keyless security & protection inside your home. Ideal for garage entry doors, wine cellar, art collection, basements, closets or storage room.

Rental Home

A RealKeyless smart lock Ultraloq UL3 is a good option if you are a rental homeowner. Because they operate on fingerprints or codes, no keys are necessary. They offer convenience for you and your renters as well as the best in security.

With Ultraloq UL3, you won’t have to change door hardware or rekey a lock whenever you get a new tenant. Renters (and you) won’t have to worry about losing keys. Ultraloq UL3 smart lock comes with 95 user fingerprint and a 95-user code capacity with 100 million user code combinations to choose from. You can add and delete fingerprints and codes as often as you want or need to in seconds!

Elegant & Convenient

Designed with a sleek style to complement your home’s interior, you can lock up any room and never have to worry about keys. To gain entry, simply place your finger or enter your personalized access code, while locking is automatic after 4 seconds. Ultraloq UL3 can easily replace most existing lever or Knob locks. Easy programming with the help of an intuitive LCD. Ultraloq UL3 is battery operated with up to 1 year battery life (8,000 times access).

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