Ultraloq and Extend Partnership

Simple, stress-free protection for the stuff you love, that’s why we have partnered with Extend, to keep your Ultraloq protected even when our warranty has expired.

After our warranty ends, your plan with Extend will start and will last for the number of years you select, Extend protection covers:

  1. Fast and free product replacements
  2. Normal wear-and-tear and mechanical failures
  3. Power surges and electrical failures

Friendly support 24/7. No fees. No deductibles

Products available for extended protection

  1. U-Bolt
  2. U-Bolt Pro
  3. Lever
  4. UL3
  5. UL3 BT
  6. UL1
  7. Combo
  8. UL300
  9. Bridge

To learn more about the protection the Extend offers please visit


Protection offered and sold by Extend.