U-bolt Wi-Fi Pro detected as U-bolt Wi-Fi during installation

When detecting and setting up my U-Bolt Wi-Fi Pro whether I set it up manually by selecting “U-Bolt Wi-Fi Pro” from the list as it shows it from “Add through scanning” as “U-Bolt Wi-Fi it shows my lock as the U-Bolt Wi-Fi and not the Pro. I’ve tried updating the firmware and downloading the Beta Version of the app and setting it up. I’ve also tried factory resetting the lock a few times as well. Has anyone experienced this issue or know of something I may have not tied to troubleshoot it!?

To add to this. My lock currently will only allow me to set codes to unlock the lock. When inputting the code the lock will only unlock once out of ten attempts. There is no option to assign a fingerprint in the app as well. I wonder if this is related to the incorrect lock selection at setup.

Thanks for moving this topic as well. Not sure if it’s beta related as I only tried the app to see if it would recognize the lock as the Pro version. It did not.

At this point the lock only allows me to use the physical key and the app to unlock it.

I had the same thing happen and reported it here: [Solved] New iOS TestFlight version Missing Fingerprint Option

When on the setup page I noticed that you should wait for it to scan nearby locks and wait to see how it shows up as a Pro or non-Pro. If it shows non-Pro, then force close the app and try again until you see Pro. You will be on that screen with model selections for about 30-60 seconds.

I’ve tried the method you suggested for about 30min on two separate occasions with no success. I tried with the Beta app and the official app. :persevere: I would hate to have to return it. As we really like the options this lock provides. The trick is getting it to work.

I guess the mobile device platform matters. Are you trying on Android or iOS? I had it work on iOS, but this might still be an issue on Android? Not sure why its not working for you, but I am sure they will get it all sorted so you won’t have to return it.

I’m on iOS on an iPhone 12. I’m still trying off and on. Not sure why it’s not working as well. I’ve tried resetting removing the batteries. Still won’t show pro.

Now my lock is beeping about 10 times every 30 minutes. Guess at this point I should just call support.

Well. The beeping has stopped after repairing it. Still only detected as Wi-Fi and not Pro Wi-Fi. Hopefully a new firmware update will fix this issue? I’m currently on 2.26.0021. I feel like if I where to have the option to manually select my lock instead of it scanning for the lock via Bluetooth by adding through scanning this issue could be circumvented. Even when I select the Wi-Fi Pro it still forces me to use Ubolt Wi-Fi instead of pro. :persevere:

Does anyone know if there are firmware updates planned for the future to address this issue?

Update: I called U-Tech and they where very helpful. They recommend that I reset the lock and un plug the cable and start over. At first it was the same result. But after the third try it detected my lock as the Pro Wi-Fi. So happy now. Thank you U-Tech. You guys are awesome. I was impressed that I even got a text message giving me the links I needed to troubleshoot mad even open a ticket if needed. I’ll highly recommend you to my family and friends or anyone looking for smart locks.