App discovers U Bolt Pro as standard U Bolt

I’m installing new lock. I can discover the lock, pair bridge etc but when the app discovers the lock, it detects it as a standard U Bolt (no fingerprint etc) not the PRO. I can set up wifi etc but not fingerprints from the app as per the install video. Install video clearly shows it detecting as the PRO and giving app abiiity to add fingerprint under a user. I know fingerprints will actually be scanned by device but you add the fingerprint via the app.

Even when I go to device info it recognizes it as U Bolt not U Bolt Pro.

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It may be the wrong product model. Please ask the customer service for help.

I have this same issue on a brand new U Bolt Pro. The app recognizes it as a U Bolt Pro, but there is no option on the app to add a fingerprint, and likewise the manual procedure to add fingerprints does not work.