U Bolt Pro Red Light On, Keypad not working

lock seemed to shutdown after trying to enter using my code. Now the red light is on but nothing else is working. Lock has been installed about 2 weeks. Taking batteries and putting them back worked momentarily as the lock was connecting to the app. But now nothing.

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Hi, l have replied you in the ticket #123490 and please check it.

What’s the solution here?

I have the same issue. What’s the solution please? Cheers

Same thing, new batteries, connects to app but still keypad not working, do I need to reset to factory settings?? does anyone has a solution please!!, thanks.

I am having the same problem. please advise.

Hi Sally–what’s the solution for this problem? After I manually unlock the door to leave the keypad stops working and the red light comes on the inside panel. What is causing this to happen and how does it get fixed?

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Hi, I have the same issue. It absolutely doesn’t work no matter how many batteries we replace. Just displays a red light and does nothing. Please advise this is a huge issue

I don’t understand why U Bolt Tech Support won’t answer this question on the forum?

Hello, I am having the same issue. This is inconvenience in my business and the security of our business, because we have to leave door unlocked. We have changed the battery and the keypad display does not work. It works momentarily when battery is removed and placed back. This indicates that it is somehow functional but remains faulty afterward. Perhaps a software or mechanical issue. Given the growing trend on this topic we would appreciate a response from the manufacturer. If you have any questions please let me know I’ll be happy to assist in providing further detail.