Terrible Battery Life

My lock is tearing through batteries. I installed the lock after purchase and used the batteries that came with it in the box. Those lasted about two weeks. I assumed they were cheap batteries, replaced with brand name batteries, dead again after two weeks. I didn’t even get a notification that the batteries were low, just one day working and one day not.

I attempted to call customer service and was on hold for about 10 minutes before being sent to voicemail in what sounded like your typical cell phone voicemail. It was very weird. I’m pretty uncomfortable with this company now.

Mine did the same thing but my first batteries almost lasted a year .replaced them lasted about 2 weeks could not open the door . Changed them again the same thing . The last time I changed them I realized that the batteries don’t line up exactly on the contacts and need a tighter fit . So I placed them in the proper spot on contacts and put a piece of packing tape across them to hold them tightly in place . Haven’t Anymore problems since .