Smart Lock Color Preference

If you were to get a new smart lock for house recently, which color would be your best choice?
A: Black

B: Satin Nickle

C:Spacy Grey

D: Light Grey


F: Golden


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G

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Definitely A for me ,my handle is color black.

my lock is black with fingerprint

I would like an oiled bronze option

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I think I will choose A.

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So do i. I like the black too.

Besides additional finishes for the smart lock itself, I would be interested in additional door-latch hardware options. You have an excellent lever latch option that matches the finish of the smart lock, but what about a traditional knob style latch? My wife is not a fan of the lever style and would strongly prefer a “normal” door knob.

If there was a gold option I would buy 2 or 3 more. I actually had to find gold paint for my silver one before I was “allowed” by my wife to install the lock. I would rather it be made gold as I am concerned about paint peeling and chipping. For my other locks I purchased other brand/styles that were already gold but I would be more than happy to take the loss and replace them with u-tec locks. If not supplying the lock in the color how about offering multicolored shrouds that we could place around the lock? Also I would like to choose my preferred keying, e.g. schlage or kwikset instead of having to “gamble.” Better yet if I buy two or more locks there should be a keymatch option or provide the smart key (or whatever they call it) system that kwikset has for the lock so we can match our own keys.

Oil Rubbed Bronze is what is currently hip… Well that and black, with black trimmed windows and doors, fixtures usually go black too… but for those without black trim, oil rubbed bronze tends to be trendy…

I have the black model now but would love to have the satin nickel to match my door handle.

I like C. Space Grey